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For over 10 years, Myca has provided cloud technology to doctors and clinicians in the United States. Its products include Electronic Health Record software, Practice Management System and Patient Portal.

Through its expertise in developing relevant software to the medical industry, Myca has branched out to provide tailored solutions to new markets around the globe through its own brand and through its subsidiary, Hello Health.

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Product Engineering

Whether you need a new build from the ground up or have a legacy stack that needs some love. We provide full cycle development.
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Quality Assurance

Count on our testing services for efficient, reliable environments.
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Let us build a strong, reliable foundation for your next project. We speak AWS.

Myca Leadership Team

Myca team member: Nathanial B. Findlay

Nathanial B. Findlay

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Myca team member: Steven Ferguson

Steven Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer

Myca team member: Marie-Josée Proulx

Marie-Josée Proulx

General Manager

Myca team member: Nicolas Grenier

Nicolas Grenier

Director of Infrastructure

Myca team member: Benoit Lajeunesse

Benoit Lajeunesse

Director of Software Development