We Design and Develop Technological Solutions to Help Healthcare Professionals.

Our products improve the performance of doctors and their staff, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Welcome to Myca

For over 10 years, Myca has provided cloud technology to doctors and clinicians in the United States. Its products include Electronic Health Record software, Practice Management System and Patient Portal.

Through its expertise in developing relevant software to the medical industry, Myca has branched out to provide tailored solutions to new markets around the globe through its own brand and through its subsidiary, Hello Health.

We started with the goal to create the best technology for physicians and patients; What we ended up with are practical solutions that can be used and tailored to suit the needs of the healthcare industry not only locally, but on a global scale.

Nathanial Findlay

Our Mission

Myca Health started by questioning why healthcare seemed locked in a decades-old mindset; paperbased, uncommunicative, inefficient and simply not rewarding for clinician and patient alike. The company then tapped into the practical needs and wants of the marketplace: physicians, patients, administrators, employers and insurers to guide the development of its technology.

This led to the development of Hello Health. The practical solution for physicians builds on the power of communication technologies and practice management tools. Hello Health provides practitioners with a way to enhance patient engagement and build stronger patient relationships, transforming the quality and experience of care for everyone involved.

Myca Leadership Team

Myca team member: Nathanial B. Findlay

Nathanial B. Findlay

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Myca team member: Steven Ferguson

Steven Ferguson

Chief Operating Officer

Myca team member: Nicolas Grenier

Nicolas Grenier

Director of Infrastructure

Myca team member: Benoit Lajeunesse

Benoit Lajeunesse

Director of Software Development